meet carmyn

artist statement:

Carmyn Joy Effa (b. 1987) is a commercial and fine art photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. She holds an MA in English and Film Studies from the University of Alberta and studied printmaking and darkroom techniques at School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa. She shoots her personal work on a Hasselblad 500CM and an iPhone 5.

Carmyn's work reflects her interest in found objects and collections, as well as architectural spaces that have been personalized and altered, whether intentionally or naturally. Her photographs focus particularly on objects with a nostalgic or playful bent, or spaces characterized by accidental aesthetics. Working in the vein of the New Topographics movement, Carmyn seeks to draw out interesting elements in the everyday or the mundane. 

Carmyn is currently working on a series that explores the aesthetics of her hometown of Edmonton, through a documentation of particular colour schemes and landmarks.

You can view her commercial work on her alternate site or on her blog. 
photos of Carmyn courtesy of Shane Hauser

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