phi·lat·e·ly  (f-ltl-) n. "The collection and study of postage stamps, postmarks, and related materials." 

For as long as I can remember, paper products and ephemera have held a great fascination for me.  Books became the objects I desired most, as soon as I learned to read, and I’d often steal the date due cards of those I borrowed, simply because I liked to feel connected to the histories of past readers.  I maintained many pen pals during my pre-teen years–and crowded several floral diaries with gel pen trivialities–simply because I loved the act of filling a blank page. Not much has changed, and it seems only natural that this obsession would overflow into my photographic work.

This project represents a portion of my envelope and stamp collection–an assemblage of second-hand objects I’ve been gathering for five years.  I am attracted to the signs of wear and human contact they bear, the elegant penmanship, kitschy designs, and unknown narratives behind them.  I purchased all of these items in various thrift stores or specialty paper shops, and like the idea of giving discarded or overlooked objects a second life.

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